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Services For Events

Our Event Co-Ordinator/ Wedding Planners can organise the following event services for your function. Alternatively, if you have ideas of your own, we are always happy to implement your personal touch.

Wedding Table Decorations Themes

Wedding Decorations, Themes And Floral Displays

Enhance your venue with an exciting range of themes. From stunning centre table pieces to fresh exotic floral displays. We also arrange seat covers and wedding favours.

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Ice Sculptures And Fruit Displays

Make a great impression with a stunningly crafted Ice Sculpture made from crystal clear ice. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Complimented with fresh fruit displays and flowers, they will take your guests' breath away.

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Chocolate Fountains for Weddings

Not only is it a unique attraction that will enhance any special event, it can be used as a delicious reception feature. Or a mouth watering desert that will make your guests giggle with delight.

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Food And Beverage Services

We receive a great deal of positive feedback from clients about the superior quality of our service – from the point of first contact with our sales staff right through to dealing with our function management staff and food/ beverage service staff.

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And finally, but by no means least. If there is one thing your guests are sure to talk about, it's the food. We use the highest quality ingredients. And we have a team of chefs being closely watched by our Head Chef. He has a wide scope of menus and items that he has perfected over the 7 years of working with us.